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Sonic and Sally PROJECTS

this is an section of the projects I'm the currently working on

This is an Fan Game which is my attempt at making an Game base on the SatAm TV Show if Sega made it in the 90s for the Genesis/Mega Drive, so I'm trying to make it feel like an Classic Sonic Genesis/Mega Drive Game so like having 16-bit music for most of the game and having Genesis/Mega Drive style graphics.

this game is also going to have every episode from Season 1&2 of SatAm retold in game formet (so you be able to react the scenes from the show) as well new episodes which I will make specially for this game. 



Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAm) The Fan Video Game.

Another project I'm working on, was just going to be an Sprite Comic (which it still will be) which retells the story of Streets Of Rage with Sonic and Sally (and other sonic characters) but I'm planning to make a game out of it too and make it part of My Sonic/Sally Project.

Though the comic will be done first. then I will begin development on the game.

Sonic & Sally And the Streets Of Rage

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